Combe Hill Wood

Combe Hill Wood is situated about 3 miles south-east of Street, Somerset, above & between the nearby villages of Compton Dundon & Butleigh. It is easily accessible via the ridge road known as Reynald’s Way which links the B3151 and the B3153. The Wood is a 25 hectare of diverse woodland owned by the Ninesquare Trust and is open to the public.

Within Combe Hill Wood there are a number of orienteering courses. Simply use the map to guide you through different parts of the wood and find the checkpoints (wooden posts with red/white triangle markers).

These courses are available for anyone to try and no previous experience is necessary.You can walk, run, take the dog, or the children. However, if you have pushchairs, or are not very mobile, we would recommend that you follow the White course, which stays on the top of the hill using the gravel tracks.

Parents with children can enjoy learning the techniques together. This activity also works very well for organised groups, with the group leader timing the participants.

There are four courses for you to choose from. These are colour coded and will progress you through from beginner to a more difficult level.

Course Course Length (point to point) No. of Checkpoints Difficulty
White 0.9km 6 Beginners
Yellow 1.5km 9 Bit harder and more physical
Orange 2.2km 14 Moderate
Score As many checkpoints as you can do in one hour 25 Max Difficult


When you have chosen the course(s) you wish to do, download and print off:

For any queries relating to the orienteering course, please email Mike Crockett


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