How to access and print the maps at home

All of the maps that we are publishing are available using the following link as high quality printable PDFs in A4 size.

It is simple to just look for a location that you are interested in running and to download the map and print it at home on your home printer.

TOP TIP: Some printers can blur the inks slightly when printing colour courses, making it difficult to see the controls - using photo paper instead of standard paper typically results in a more legible map.

Below is an example of the screen you will see - and some of the details that are available about each course:

UsynligO BOK Events

UsynligO No Controls

The maps available are all printable PDFs and can be used on their own (for example as a training exercise for running around a course) or also in conjunction with the UsynligO mobile phone app which provides the ability to time your run and also will 'beep' when you hit a control (more details on the app in the next section).  Below is an example map.

Example map - Hanham Woods

Be aware that we will also be testing new events before they are ready for full use - these will be available in the list of events at the same time - but it will be obvious from the event name that it is not the final version. These 'Test Events' are likely to be updated before being finalised - so please use these ones with caution (and if you do run them - please feel free to provide feedback - as it will help us finalise them for everyone).

Whether you decide to use the UsynligO app or just run with a map - you will need to print the map at home - unfortunately we are not able to provide pre-printed maps for members.  When using your maps, it is best practice to seal them in a see-through bag (A4 plastic page holders are good for this) to prevent smudging of the ink whilst running (especially in wet weather).


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