Schools Orienteering

Orienteering is a fantastic activity for schools' involvement and BOK (Bristol Orienteering Klub) have worked with local schools for decades, to introduce pupils (and parents!) to the sport.

The benefits of the sport for schools are many; be it providing regular, mentally stimulating exercise for pupils, giving children an alternative competitive stage to the traditional core sports, or enabling greater 'Learning outside the classroom' in your curriculum.

As a club, we are keen to support your school in whatever capacity we can. 

If you'd like to offer or improve orienteering as an activity within your school, we can help you produce maps, develop permanent school courses and also put staff through appropriate coaching qualifications.

Permanent courses can be built on-site at schools or exist in many local parks!Having a map of your school allows many basic skills to be taught.

If you'd like to give pupils the opportunity to put skills to the test at a proper orienteering event, we offer the 'BOK Junior League'- a series of local, informal events, specifically aimed at beginners and juniors. Though primarily an individual competition, the top scoring primary and secondary school will be awarded trophies.

Giving pupils the opportunity to compete in alternatives to the core sports.

Several local schools also attend the British Schools Orienteering Championships, a national competition open to all primary and secondary schools and some have even made it to the World Schools Champs.

There is a useful international book on training orienteering for schools available here - not everything is relevant to the UK - but the sections on technical skills are excellent.

For more information, contact BOK Juniors here.