Hints and tips on using the UsynligO app

When you install UsynligO on your mobile phone it will ask you to 'register' - either by creating your own Login, or by your existing Google passwords.  Either work fine - so it's up to you which you prefer.

TOP TIP: It's best to register and login for the first time at home before you set out, in case you can't remember the relevant login details.

The app will also ask to access 'Location Data' - you will need to grant this for the app to work.

TOP TIP: On an iPhone this can be done using 'Settings > UsynligO > Location > Always'.  On Android the follow link explains how: Android Location Instructions.

Once you are logged in you will get a screen like the one shown below.

Home screen

Click 'UsynligO events' to get a list of events that are close to your current location (example shown on the below).

Event list

Choose the course that you want to run (and which you have previously printed a map out for - see the print map section about map printing).  This will then give you options of course type to run (example below).


Select the course that you want (example below).  You will have options to see the map, publish your time after your run, and to start your course.  It also shows how far away you are from the start.


The small three line symbol in the top right of the course screen will take you to a list of existing course results (available if others have already run the course and shared their time).

TOP TIP: If you want your name and club to appear in the results - you need to update them in app. In the 'My Races' section in the app - click on the little 'person' icon at the top of the screen, and update your user details - save the changes, and the next time you run your details will appear in the results.

The small cog symbol in the top right of the course screen will take you to some settings around GPS accuracy for your phone whilst running.  An example of these settings is shown below:


The default settings are fine for most people - at 15m control radius.  In our pre-testing of the courses, we have found that some phones may require a larger control radius if the GPS is not very accurate, and also the opposite for the latest phones where the GPS can be very accurate and a smaller radius works better (the 10m shown above has been used successfully on a iPhone 11 - almost to the level where 'running through controls like SIAC' can be achieved). 

TOP TIP: Accuracy of GPS in forest areas is not as good as urban areas (especially in deep depressions etc with lots of tree cover).  There has been lots of trialling of the GPS settings in the app - and it is recommended to widen the control radius to at least 15m, and the GPS accuracy to 100m for forest maps.  (this may lead to hitting more controls that are not the right control whilst running - as the app 'finds' controls in a wider circle - but it is clear from the different sound that the app makes when you have found the right vs wrong control)

However, we have found that different phones are more accurate than others, and older phones can take several seconds to register the location (sometimes up to 30 seconds - think very old SI card 5 type times!!).   It is worth experimenting on your phone with these settings if you find trouble in registering controls on a course, and also recognise that this is an inherent limitation of using GPS - we will never get the full orienteering experience using mobile phone technology - but it's now accurate enough to be fun!

We are in the early days of trialling this technology - so feedback on accuracy when in use etc... would be really appreciated.  We anticipate there will be some teething problems - but would prefer that we all had something to have a go at - and to iron out any issues as we go.  Our experience in testing so far is that the newer Urban maps are pretty accurate for the app, and the forest maps can be a bit slower to 'find' controls in places - hopefully you will all find this part of the fun and not too frustrating as part of our early adoption.

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