BOK Regional event & South West Orienteering League - Stock Hill, Mendip - Sunday 2nd February 2020

Event Type
Regional Event
Event Category
Regional/Level C Events

Event Comments:

The event at Stock Hill was a great success, with astutely planned courses, and smooth organisation and has been described as a 'top' event. Its not only challenging to compete here but also to plan, control and organise and great credit to our 'top' team of Jackie, Mark and Simon and his helpers. There were three incidents that have tarnished the day: (i) despite reading the pre-warning notice and subsequent explanation a member of the general public persistently complained about our presence, and at one point attempted to block vehicles. This experience must have been unpleasant for our helpers, thank you for your patience. (ii) A control 102 was stolen late in the competition, the affected competitors have been re-instated, (iii) Control 108 was moved mid - competition this was reported and subsequently returned by the Planner to its correct location. The Controller has taken a very considered view including circumstances, rules, timing etc. and recommended that the results should be left as they stand. Our apologies to anyone affected.  For further detail, comment or discussion see our social media pages.

Such instances are rare in orienteering and the overwhelming reaction we received from the general public was very supportive.