BOK Weekly Training Run - Marshfield - 29th June - 5th July 2020

Event Date
Type of Event
Training Run
Event Category
SN14 8LR
Start Times
29th June - 5th July

A scenic summer run from Marshfield please park sensitively on the High Street.

The BOK Weekly training run suggestion is intended to provide some variety to our running. Each week we'll set one of our regular Tuesday night routes on our Plot-a-Route page, and post this to the website and to Facebook. 

The runs are generally runnable in an hour, depending on your pace, and vary between 8km and 11km in length. We've tried to introduce some shortcuts where possible, or if a run is a little on the short side we've added an extra loop. 

All the runs are self-organising, so please park sensitively remembering that in smaller communities there might be people shielding or self-isolating and please follow government guidance on social distancing. 

Most of the routes will have been run in the last year, and where possible we will try and recce each route before the suggested week, but please use your common sense in place of blocked footpaths or if the route doesn't look right! 

And finally, please do give us feedback! Post photos from your run, or let us know if the route isnt quite right. And if you enjoy running these routes on your own during lockdown, it would be great to see you join us once we are allowed to re-start the Tuesday night group runs! 

Suggested route (and shortcuts for those that want a shorter run) below:

Event Location