BOK Adams Avery & ASO Relays - Warmley Forest Park, Bristol - 17th June 2018

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Adams Avery/ASO Relay
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Planner's Comments
Warmley is a well bounded area with a variety of features that lend itself nicely to a schools level event, however, these boundaries also introduce challenges for planning with keeping the courses fair and gaffled.  The other idiosyncrasy is the leg format in the Adam’s Avery Rules.  Within these constraints I tried to plan courses that would maximise use of the area as well as providing both competitor and spectator interest.  I was most grateful for the comments Alan made on my initial drafts and his support for using butterfly loops on the longer courses.  Seeing so many people at the event made the effort worthwhile.
I would also like to thank all the help provided by the BOK teams.  Relays are always tricky from an electronic entries and course allocation perspective, so particular thanks to the computer team.  But without maps, and the right map for each leg, the relay would be a total disaster, so I am particularly grateful for all the map labelling that took place so that there was maximum enjoyment for the competitors.  Competitions need competitors, and I know that Jackie asked the Children to thank parents for all the driving to events, but after all that driving we need to park, and I know that this was a challenge for this event, so thanks to the parking team on this.  Finally, after Alan helped me hang and check controls in the morning, a few of you just wanted to get out in the terrain again; thank you for helping get the controls in, it does make for a shorter day for all and is greatly appreciated.
Geoff Ellis
Controller’s Comments
Warmley was an ideal location for the relays in having terrain suitable for a range of abilities, close to Bath and Bristol and with a good area for picnicking.  Geoff’s courses made clever use of gaffling and butterfly loops to make the most of the area while overcoming the limitation of under-16s not being allowed to run on public roads with significant traffic.  Gwen’s organisation, supported by many helpers, ran smoothly and allowed everyone to enjoy the day.  Most people were probably unaware, but BBC Radio Bristol’s ‘Clueless’ team made a brief appearance in the car park.  Although orienteering was mentioned they unfortunately did not have time to interview any orienteers. 
Alan Honey
Organiser's Comments
The best part of organising an event is seeing the competitors enjoying themselves, and that certainly seemed to be the case on Sunday. This would be impossible with the support of so many people. I would like to thank Geoff for planning some interesting courses, and Alan for his support and advice. I would also like to thank Jo Foster for  managing all the entries, and the Simmons for folding all the maps, and all the other helpers who made the day run so smoothly.
Gwen Tanner