World Championships training in Nailsea

BOK's Nailsea Urban Race got off to a flying start when Megan Carter-Davis (SBOC), GB's World Cup Silver Medallist, attended prior to starting her preparations for competing in the World Championships in Denmark later this month.  Perfect weather, and fast longer legs on some of the courses, meant that the winning times were likely to be pretty fast already - but with a number of Elites racing, the competition was as hot as the sunshine!

Megan Carter-Davis on her way to winning gold in the 2022 British Sprint Champs
Megan Carter-Davis on her way to winning gold in the 2022 British Sprint Champs

Joining Megan in the Elite ranks was Ben Mitchell and Adam Potter.  Its not surprising that the first three places on the Long course were filled by them! Adam (31:20) just pipped Ben (31:49), with Megan in 3rd (33:48) beating all of the other men on the course!.

Owain Jones and Adam Potter after their races
Owain Jones and Adam Potter after their races

The courses made the most of the network of lanes between the housing estate.  Most courses also visited the small complex wooded area in the middle of the map - and it's clear looking at the splits that lots of competitors lost time in here, perhaps forgetting to slow down from urban running speed and overshooting controls?

Interesting route choices in the forest area
Interesting route choices in the forest area

Given that the Elites took the top spots on the long course, the next three places were fought out by Owain Jones in 37:33, Scott Bailey only 1 second behind, and Robert Elston in 39:08.

On the Medium course the top three were all within a minute of each other - Craig Smith took first in 29:30, Rachel Leathwood in 2nd (29:34), and Alex Massie (29:59) in 3rd.

The short course was won by Emily Leathwood in 19:37, with Carol Iddles (23:08) in 2nd, and Sophie Leathwood (23:47) in 3rd.

Full results, splits, Routegadget and analysis are available here.

Junior on the Short course
Junior on the Short course

Seven races in, and the league is getting interesting as most competitors have at least a couple of results to help compare their position against rivals.  When looking at the leagues using the typical age categories used for regional level Urban races - there are some interesting head-to-heads bubbling along.  This week we highlight the Mens and Women’s Medium course leagues (we will provide an update on the Short course in a future news article, the long course was reviewed in week 5).

Men’s Open - M21/M35
Sam Cottle (M21IND) leads on 353, with Alex Smith (M35 BOK) in 2nd on 292, and Alex Massie (M35 BOK) in 3rd on 290.

Women’s Open - W21/35
Rachel Potter (W21 BOK) leads with 517, with Lindsey Kennedy (W21 IND) in 2nd on 354, and Victoria Holbrook (W35 BOK) in 3rd on 329.

Men’s Veteran - M40+
Martin Lewis (M50 QO) leads on 511. Simon Doell (M50 BOK) is in 2nd on 213. Chris Hale (M50 BOK) is in 3rd on 175.

Women’s Veteran - W40+
Rachel Leathwood (W45 BOK) leads on 596. Louise Tonge (W50 BOK) is in 2nd on 471 and Agnes Kaminska (W45 BOK) in 3rd on 418.

Men’s Super Vet - M55+
Graham Hartley (M55 QO) is leading on 581, but Craig Smith (M55 BOK) on 580 and Kevin Howe (M55 BOK) on 561 are both within touching distance.

Women’s Super Vet - W55+
Caroline Potter (W60 BOK) in leading on 498, with Joanne Leigh (W55 BOK) in 2nd on 471, and Gill Tindal (W55 BOK) in 3rd on 337.

Men’s Ultra Vet - M65+
Tim Sands (M70 BOK) is leading on 424, with Ian France (M65 BOK) in 2nd on 364, and Brian Curtis (M70 BOK) in 3rd on 363.

Women’s Ultra Vet - W65+
Jackie Hallett (W65 BOK) is leading on 364, with Sue Curtis (W70 BOK) is in 2nd on 351, and Rosie Wych (W65 QO) in 3rd on 318.

Men’s Hyper Vet - M75+
David Palmer (M75 BOK) is leading on 443, with John Parfitt (M75 BOK) in 2nd on 273, and Frank Ince (M80 SWOC) 3rd on 220.

Full League scores are available here.

A big thanks to David Pilling and Diana Nicoll for organising the races and the wonderful weather!

Our next Urban Race is at Wells in 2 weeks time. Details here.

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Race 7 BOK Urban Series - Nailsea - June 2022