Will there be enough maps?  The issue of ensuring sufficient maps at events causes considerable controversy and has almost as many possible solutions as Brexit.  In early 2018 the club decided on different solutions for different levels of event.  We have just had a ‘Local’ event at Ashton Court and the next one at Stockhill is a ‘Regional’ event.  This is to ensure everyone knows to enter the Stockhill event by 20th January to guarantee a map.

At Regional events everyone who pre-enters before maps are ordered will be guaranteed a map for their chosen course and they will not be asked to give it up for recycling.  Extra maps will be ordered and the quantity advertised.  They will be available for booking on the entry system for a limited period.  Any surplus will be available on a first come first served basis for entry on the day.  Anyone entering on the day will be offered an alternative course if no more maps for their chosen course are available.  For Stockhill, entry by the end of Sunday 20th January will guarantee a map.  Extra maps will be available to book through the website, at an additional cost and subject to availability, until the end of Friday 25thJanuary.

For Local events you are asked to help the organiser by entering as far in advance as possible, preferably at least 10 days.  Organisers are encouraged to order more maps than indicated by historical data.  If they do run out, finishing competitors, whether they have pre-entered or not, will be asked to give up their maps for recycling.