Saturday's East Harptree event - parking update

As suspected would be the case – the recent cold wet spell has played havoc with our parking options, so there will potentially be very little parking space.
If at all possible please make your own arrangements to share transport, you may find this preferable to the alternative given below!
Depending on the turnout we may have to invoke the option of asking drivers of cars with occupancy of 1 or 2 only to make the short drive to the Stock Hill Car Park, combine in to a single vehicle and return. We appreciate this is not a simple and convenient option, but if you are keen to run here, this is a way of achieving that. 
Additionally, to ease any parking management issues, please only approach the assembly from the South West, i.e the road junction on the B3134 by the Castle of Comfort Public House.
Please be reminded that we do not have permission to use the Forestry Commission Car Park at East Harptree Woods.
The parking will be limited to the road side verges, to the South of the woods GR554537.
Assembly Grid Reference ST554537. Post Code BS40 6DB,
Sign-posted from Castle of Comfort Inn B3134.