New Online Entry System

As a club we are trialling a new online entry system for our local events. The system, called ‘Pre-Entries’, has been developed specifically for orienteering events by Ben Mitchell of SBOC.  It is a much easier to use system than many of the older online systems that we have all become familiar with over the years, and we are keen to support Ben with his development efforts as a young elite orienteer with strong connections to BOK and Bristol.

Pre-entries iPhone

In particular, we hope that you will like that it is:

  • Mobile phone friendly - so that you can enter events whilst away from a computer (although it is also fully compatible with a computer as well)
  • Has more event details in the app - so you can see course details whilst entering rather than needing to cross-reference with details elsewhere
  • Is easier to use for people that are new to our sport - encouraging newcomers to enter our events online without needing to understand much of the jargon of other online systems

Our first events that we are trialling the system with are Ashton Court on the 9th Oct, and the Western Night League Middle Hope and Sand Point event on the 23rd Oct. Links to the register for these events are on our website. For those of you that are interested in having a look at the Pre-Entries App the link to the main page is

We welcome your feedback on the system - both good things and areas for improvement - please feel free to email the club captain with your comments.