Level C Controllers’ Course, 30 October 2021

For further information or to book a place email Mark Dyer 

Level C Controllers’ Course, 30 October 2021

Location: Bristol, exact venue to be sent to participants later.

Start time: 0930


There will be some presentation material but practical exercises and discussion are more important. The course will cover:

  • the roles of officials

  • what the Controller does

  • an introduction to the Rules of Orienteering

  • reviewing draft courses

  • checking control sites

  • the day of the event

It would be useful if participants could familiarise themselves in advance with the broad content of the Rules, to the extent of knowing where to look things up.

There will be a practical session of around 2 hours on the Bristol Downs. Bearing in mind the time of year, participants should be prepared for bad weather.

IT: Course material will be sent to participants in advance. Use of a laptop or tablet would be an advantage on the day.

Administration: Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided. 

Course closure: 1630 or earlier if possible.