Keynsham urban event going 'contactless'

BOK is trialling SI contactless dibbers at the Keynsham urban event on Wednesday 15th June. This will give runners a chance to try out SIAC cards, and give the SI team a chance to trial the system in advance of the BOK Blast in September when the contactless dibbing will be used.

BOK has acquired a pool of 25 SIAC dibbers which will be available to borrow on the night. Anyone who already owns a SIAC card will be able to use it in contactless mode at the event. Anyone who is happy to carry on using traditional dibbing punching will be able to 'dib' as usual with their existing SI card.

For information, SIAC cards are 'turned on' by the Check box, and 'turned off' by the Finish box. The range of the SI control unit in beacon mode is around 30-40cm. Touching a unit or swiping very close is the safest procedure. If you think your card has not flashed or beeped, then punch the control in the normal way.

If anyone has any queries please contact the organiser, John Simmons on 07887 753260 (or email