Heavy rain does not dampen the spirits in Bath

Despite the majority of competitors getting drenched in the heavy downpours at the Bath Urban Race, overwhelming feedback was of very well planned courses that took in all of the intricacies that the beautiful Georgian City of Bath has to offer.

The planners seemed determined to take us on a whistle stop tour of the main sight seeing attractions, with views of Pultney Bridge, The Circus, and Royal Crescent all available for the longer courses.  All courses started in Royal Victoria park, providing fast running but also lots of opportunity for small mistakes with control placement in the more complex areas of the park land.

The main Bath sight-seeing attractions mapped

Unfortunately for the planners, one of the controls (on the short and long course) seemed to have its own legs - and at various times in the evening was found everywhere from on the wrong side of the road to being placed inside a bin store! Thankfully it was reported early in the evenings proceedings, and competitors that were affected by the roving control have had the times reinstated in the results.

Jeremy Tonge
A very wet planner after fixing the roving control

Probably due to the tricky well planned courses, and perhaps the slippery rain drenched road surfaces, the top three on the long course this week had some new names and slightly longer winning times.  Adam Potter (M21 BOK) still won in a time of 39:07, but Duncan Taylor (M21 Devon) and Robin Fieldhouse (M21 QO) took 2nd and 3rd - pushing the usual speedster Owain Jones further down field.  1st placed female on the Long course was Sara Currie (W40 BOK) in 64:31.

It was a welcome return for Bath Uni Alumni Matthew Pembrey winning on the Medium course in a time of 33:25, 2nd was Robert Elston (M21 UBOC), with Rachel Leathwood (W45 BOK) in 3rd. 

Emily Leathwood (W14 BOK) has kept up her winning streak on the short course completing it in 29:36.  Emily Mar (W21 IND) was 2nd, and Isabelle Tonge (W14 BOK) in 3rd.

Full results are available here.

A busy wet download

With four races now complete, the league is really starting to take shape, top three in each category are below:


1 - Adam Potter (M21 BOK) 400pts

2 - Owain Jones (M40 BOK) 391pts

=3 - Thomas Cochrane (M35 NGOC) 382pts

=3 - Scott Bailey (M50 BOK) 382pts

Women’s Long:

1 - Sara Currie (W40 BOK) 397pts

2 - Joanna Howell (W55 BOK) 289pts

3 - Rachel Dennis (W55 BOK) 288pts


1 - Rachel Leathwood (W45 BOK) 397pts

2 - Kevin Howe (M55 BOK) 376pts

3 - Craig Smith (M55 BOK) 375pts

Women’s Medium:

1 - Rachel Leathwood (W45 BOK) 399pts

2 - Rachel Potter (W21 BOK) 379pts

3 - Caroline Potter (W60 BOK) 361pts

Short and Women’s Short (both topped by all females!):

1 - Emily Leathwood (W14 BOK) 298pts

2 - Evie Brown (W10 IND) 283pts

3 - Sophie Leathwood (W14 BOK) 198pts

Full leagues results available here

Thanks to Louise and Jeremy Tonge for Organising and Planning the event.

Next week is at Weston-Super-Mare - let’s hope that the sunshine comes back, and we all get to enjoy an evening at the seaside!

Retro pink download kept everyone dry!