BOK Successes at JK2017

The JK International event held over the Easter weekend once again proved very successful for the Klub.

In the Sprint discipline at Brunel University, the JK Champions were: Oliver Tongue (M14), Gavin Clegg (M60) and Alice Bedwell (W55).  Jim Bailey (M14 2nd), Geoff Ellis (M40 3rd), Tereza Rush (W35 2nd), Jane Baldock (W35 3rd), Alison Simmons (W60 2nd) and Jackie Hallett (W60 3rd) also performed outstandingly and gained podium places.

Trophies are awarded for the combined times in the long and medium distance races.  In these our JK champions were: Tony Noott (M80), Clare Fletcher (W75), Alison Simmons (W60), Clive Hallett (M50) and Chloe Potter (W20E). Jackie Hallett (W60), Alice Bedwell (W55) and Phil Murray (M50) took second places in their classes while Oliver Tonge was third in M14.

To cap off the weekend, Jackie Hallett, Alison Simmons and Alice Bedwell won the Veteran Women’s relay competition (for the third year in a row), while the Senior men’s team of Geoff Ellis, Ifor Powell and Phil Murray were second and the Intermediate men, Oliver Tonge, Jim Bailey and Michael Hallett were third in their class.

Full results at the JK website.