Beginning with the NGOC Middle Distance Race on Saturday morning at Mallards Pike, last weekend was a dream for orienteers. Followed by the Southern Night Championships in Caerwent early evening and concluding with the Southern Championships and Mike Nelson BOK Trot in the Churchill Inclosure and Cannop Ponds, Forest of Dean on Sunday, BOK members achieved a fantastic number of medals.

After what seemed like an entire week of rain waterlogging everything everywhere, it miraculously stopped just in time for the orienteering to begin.

Many BOK members travelled over to the Forest of Dean to warm up their orienteering legs on courses around an extremely muddy Mallards Pike.

Jim Bailey came 3rd on the Black race behind Ex UBOCer Ben Mitchell and Johnathan Crickmore (SO) in joint first. Scott Bailey came 3rd in the Blue course, Ted McDonald came 2nd in the Short Green race followed by Katy Dyer in 3rd.. Rachel Wilcox came 2nd in the Orange, and Megan Wareing came 3rd in the Yellow race.

Some orienteers went home to wash and rest, and others drove on to Caerwent to run again in the Southern Nights Championships. And what a night they had:

Tommi Grover came 1st in the M40 race beating Geoff Ellis of RAFO by almost 5 minutes, Matthew Owen came 1st in the M50, Scott Bailey came 2nd in the M45, Gavin Glegg was 2nd in the M55 and John Parfitt came 2nd in the M75. UBOC runners Dan Weaver and Peter Dobra also came 1st and 2ndin the M20 race.  

Rachel Leathwood came 1st in the W45 and Jackie Hallett came first in the W60 this time just ahead of Alison Simmons in 2nd.  Sara Currie did absolutely brilliantly and came 1st in the Novice/Long Orange course and although everyone else was very impressed by this, Sara herself was far more impressed and excited by the fact that she had seen an owl. 

Karen Crawford came 2nd in the W50, Tereza Rush came 3rd in the W40 and Christine King came 3rd in the W70. 

That was an overall score of five 1st positions, six 2nd positions and two 3rd positions - A really wonderful result.

And the success just continued into the next day. Not only did Howard, Mike and Paul do an excellent job of organising and planning the day, but the sun was shining on the more than five hundred and fifty runners who attended.  What a great way to spend the first day of December?

Paul, Howard and Mike - the organisers and planners.

“Great event well planned courses, good weather, and the bus transfer worked seamlessly. Well done all!” said one competitor.

There were lots of happy faces all round, but particularly the many BOK members on the podiums:

Oliver Tonge came in 1st position followed 3.16 minutes after by Jim Bailey in 2nd in the M18E – both who are still only 16 but were running up in preparation for their move up January 2020.

Ollie Tonge and Jim Bailey on the podium for M18E

Daniel Weaver of UBOC came in 1st for M20E, Pranas Germanavicius came 1st  in the M20L which was his first competitive run for him after joining the club this month. Robert Elston , also of UBOC came 1st in the M20S followed 14 minutes later by Philip Ridgill in 2nd.

After almost 9 years of Orienteering Scott Bailey achieved his first ever Gold medal, running up in the M35L race beating both Keith Agmen in 3rd position and Owain Jones in 4th position. He will probably still be smiling about this by Christmas and has probably already commissioned a trophy cabinet for his office!!

Scott Bailey M35L Winner

Phil Murray has been running regional orienteering championships for the last 40 years and although he has been close, has apparently  never won the gold medal, until this weekend that is, when he ran up a class in the M50L race clearly winning by more than 5 minutes. His rival, the legend that is Clive Hallett, won his usual M55 age class in the M55L race.

Phil and Matthew M50L

Cameron Davies came 1st in the M21L, and Jamie Hayward had a notable run coming in 5th position.

Mark Dyer won the M70S race, Neil Connelly won the M75S and was followed by Dudley Budden in 2nd position, and Stuart Hanstock came 2nd in the M21S course.

Guy Owen took 3rd position in the M14A, Chris Atkins 4rd in the M40S and Ben Maliphant had a great run and came in 4th in the M21E race.

Guy Owen M14

Sophie Constantin came first in the W10B followed by Sophie Leathwood in 3rd. Megan Wareing came first in the W12B, Merryn Matthews of UBOC won the W20S and Rachel Leathwood won the W45L followed by Jane Stagg in 3rd place. 

As usual Jackie Hallett and Alison Simmons battled against each other in the W60L to achieve the top two positions. They are very quickly becoming the Dynamic Duo!.  

Jackie and Alison

Christine King came first in the W70S and Matthew Pembrey also came first in the W90?! 

Lucy Tongue had a fabulous run just 15 seconds behind the winner of the W20E class winner Bethany Kippin of TVOC (who due to being at Bath University we may well begin to see at some more local events from now on). Clare Howes also came second in the W21L, Jane Baldock came second in the W35L run, Alice Bedwell came 2nd in the W55L, Clare Fletcher came second in the W75, and Isla Overy came 2nd in one of her first competitive races in the White. 

Rapidly following in her older sisters’ footsteps, Isabelle Tonge had a very good run and came 3rd in the W10A race. Amy Curtis achieved a top three position for the first time ever, coming in 3rdopposition in the W45S, Diana Nicoll came 3rd in the W55S, Katie Dyer came 3rd in the W70L and Sara Currie came 3rd in the W35L proving that THIS GIRL CAN really orienteer after all!

That’s 10 gold medals for the men and 7 golds for the girls! A total of 17 golds for BOK!!

As Charles our Chairman would say "What an achievement?!"

Charles Daniels

Well done to everyone who ran the races and a very big thank you to everyone who did anything to help with the weekend!!!!


Amy Curtis 

BOK Publicity