BOK Constitution - draft available for comment

The existing BOK Constitution must be updated in order to comply with current standards of governance, and a lot of work has already gone into producing a revised version.  Appropriate advisory documents have been reviewed, while past and present members of the club Committee have contributed to the current draft. It is very important that the new Constitution gains approval at our next AGM, with at least two-thirds of attendees voting in its favour. It is therefore highly desirable that any debates or controversies about the new Constitution should take place before the AGM.
The current draft is now available for you to review in the “Members only” section of the BOK website. To open it, you will need to log-in to this section of our website and look at the list of AGM files. The draft includes numerical references to endnotes that explain why a particular paragraph has been included or amended.  Some phraseology is a bit turgid, for which I apologise, but there are places where we are obliged to use paragraphs written by others. If you would like to comment about any aspect of the 2018 Constitution, please send me an e-mail by the middle of May, so that we can, if necessary, discuss your views at a future meeting of the club committee. The website version is a .pdf, if you want a paper copy or alternative digital format, please let me know.
Chris Johnson
Club Secretary