BOK 50th Anniversary Cryptic Crossword Solution

My thanks go to those who submitted a solution to the BOK 50th Anniversary Cryptic Crossword.

I received 5 solutions (from Alice/Mark, Clare/Alan, Miffy/Simon, Jackie/Clive and Sue/Brian) and all 5 solutions were correct.  Only 2 though (Alice/Mark and Clare/Alan) managed to work out what all the clue answers have in common so the winner of the £20 voucher had to be determined by "drawing a name out of a hat" and it was Alice/Mark who were successful. 

So what did the clue answers have in common?  Well they all either contained , at least once, the letter L or would contain, at least once, the letter L if abbreviations were written out in full.  14 Across (UWE = University of the West of EngLand) was the only answer that was an abbreviation.  The letter L is, of course, the Roman numeral for 50.

The crossword solution is attached below.

Now how many of BOK's maps have a C in their name ? .....