A brilliant second day run at the Jan Kellstrom Championships in Perth ensured Alice Bedwell (W50L) the winning position in British Orienteering’s premier multi-day event. This follows her wins at the British Night, Sprint and Middle Championships. Other BOK winners were Ruth Forrest in W21S and the veteran women’s relay team of Alison Simmons, Jo Foster and Jackie Hallett.

Elsewhere there were strong BOK performances in the majority of age categories resulting in a pleasing spread of podium and top ten finishes. The Potter, Hudd, Hallett, Tonge and Stagg families once again confirmed their consistently high standards and were supported by the Forrests who rarely compete together but produced a winner and two other top ten performances. It was also good to see Jackie Hallett back on the podium again on all three days after several years of injury. In the over 75 categories, without Anne Donnell or Pat Grenfell in Scotland, it was left to Tony Noott to fly the flag with a superb second day performance (M75L) to capture third place and thereby nudge old friend and rival, ex BOKer Dave Parkin, into fourth.

Overall, a key element for BOK was the participation and performances of the younger BOK members. But our congratulations go to all BOKers who travelled north and competed, producing the long list below of podium and top ten finishes:

Individual:  M10A: Joe Hudd 2nd, Jim Bailey 4th, Oliver Tonge 7th, Harry Stagg 9th; W10B: Edith Stagg: 10th; M12A: Zac Hudd 4th, Wilf Thompson 10th; W12A: Lucy Tonge 5th, Rachel Potter 10th; W14A: Chloe Potter 7th; M18E: Adam Potter 3rd, Ben Maliphant 7th; M18S: Stuart Hanstock 2nd; W21S: Ruth Forrest 1st, Jane Forrest 5th, Charlotte Daniel 6th; M40S: Jeremy Tonge 2nd; M45L: Clive Hallett 2nd; M50L: Mark Saunders 6th; W50L: Alice Bedwell 1st; W55L: Jackie Hallett 3rd, Alison Simmons 5th; W60L: Christine King 8th; W60S: Heather Forrest 4th; M75L: Tony Noott 3rd.

Relay: BOK Vet M 1 - Chris Kelsey, Pete Foster, Charles Daniel 9th; BOK Vet W 1 - Alison Simmons, Jo Foster, Jackie Hallett 1st; BOK Cheetahs – Lucy Tonge, Oliver Tonge, Joe Hudd 3rd; BOK Gazelles – Jim Bailey, Harry Stagg, Wilf Thompson 4th; SpringBOKS – Rachel Potter, Millie Stagg, Ira Thompson 10th.