Sunshine and strong legs the order of the day at Bradford on Avon Urban Race

The gloomy skies and rain of earlier in the day cleared just in time for a wonderful sunny evening of urban racing at Bradford on Avon.  The new area for BOK proved to require strong legs for the steep hilly and complex area to the north of the river, and careful route choice on the longer controls south of the river.

Bradford on Avon
Picturesque Bath stone housing on the northern hillside

It was almost as if the organiser, Richard Hudson, had put an order in for the weather to turn up just in time. Bradford on Avon was at its picturesque best in the sunshine, with the newly mapped town offering a variety of types of urban racing. The intricate warren of lanes and steps through the bath stone housing clinging to the hills north of the river required strong legs and lots of concentration to make sure that runners didn’t lose contact with where they were on the map.

Bradford on Avon northern hillside
Intricate warren of lanes on the northern hillside

The central town with multiple fast route choices felt like a traditional sprint area. And finally, the suburban housing south of the river offered the opportunity for some longer route choices that seemed to be the deciding factor in winning times.

Bradford on Avon routechoice
Longer leg route choice

It was a ‘hat-trick’ for Adam Potter on the long course, taking the win again in 30:29. Owain Jones in 2nd and Matthew Haines of UBOC in 3rd. Fastest women on the long was Lyra Medlock (W16) of WSX in 41:55 (being shadowed by dad Jolyon who was probably pretty out of breath for most of the race!)

The Medlocks
Jolyon getting his breath back after shadowing super fast Lyra

Rachel Leathwood again topped the medium course in a time of 31:36, with Robin Regan of BUMC and Christian Saxtoft taking 2nd and 3rd.

Emily Leathwood continued her win streak on the short course in a time of 16:37, with Chloe Ambler in 2nd and Elaine Green in 3rd.

Full results, splits and analysis is available here.

With three races now complete, we are beginning to get a sense of the league leaders to beat. Adam Potter leads on long, Rachel Leathwood medium and Emily Leathwood on short. Can anyone topple them over the next 9 races?

League tables available here.

A big thank you to the organising team of Richard Hudson and Trevor Crowe, and all of the helpers on the night.

Next weeks race is in Bath, we already have over 120 entries, so it should be a cracker!

Photos available for download on Flickr