BOK Local Senior and Junior Leagues 2021

With the results in from our first 2 events in the 2021/22 Local League (Ashton Court, Bathampton), we now have the first look at both the Senior and Junior League results.  Results are shown at the bottom of this article for the top competitors in each class - and full results are available at these links:

Well done to the early league leaders!

A reminder of the rules for each league are below:

  • The scoring is 100 points for the winner in each class, and position based beyond that
  • The Senior League is open for only M/W18 and above
  • For the Senior League the courses are Orange / Light Green / Green / Blue
  • The Senior League has 2 classes on EACH course: 'Open' with all competitors, and 'Women' 
  • The Junior League is open for only M/W16 and below
  • For the Junior League the courses are White / Yellow / Orange / Light Green / Green
  • The Junior League has 2 classes on EACH course: 'Men' for boys M16 and below, and 'Women' for girls W16 and below
  • For the 2021/22 league there are 6 scoring events - with the top 4 scores for each competitor counting towards their league position
  • The Organiser / Planner / Controller for each event will be awarded 100 points towards their league position for the event that they run (this is only allowed for one event per season)