You have until Wednesday 19th June to submit your entries for the Adams Avery and BOK Junior Relays on Saturday 29th June.  The junior relays will have courses in three age bands.  Teams of three will run consecutively.  The Harris relay is different and promises even more exciting head to head racing with all competitors starting together.

For those who don’t know about the Harris Relay format it’s more of a team event than a relay –the great advantage is that you all start together and don’t hang around getting cold and bored waiting for someone else to finish before you can get going. Also it’s like a score event in that you can visit the controls in any order. Some controls (the spine controls) have to be visited by all three members of the team but the rest just have to be visited by only one member each. If a team misses out a control they are not disqualified, they are given a hefty time penalty: you are not going to win by leaving out controls.

Deciding who is going to visit which controls is done after the start so it is best to agree on a captain to divvy up the controls and not to waste time arguing about who does what. The captain needs to have an idea of the capabilities of each team member so that he can give the more difficult, far away controls to a stronger orienteer and give fewer, easier controls to a weaker orienteer. It may be, in extreme circumstances, a good idea to give only the spine controls to the weakest member. If the captain has done a good job all team members will arrive at the finish at exactly the same time!   You can then sit in the café with your team-mates watching the other teams finish.

Club members of all abilities will be taking part.  While it’s nice to be the winner, most will be there to enjoy the orienteering and good company, so all are welcome.