Going out on a run with UsynligO

The UsynligO App tells you how far you are from the start and once you click on the 'Start' button gives a five second countdown. Be prepared for it! 

Each time you get to a control it plays a small tune, one type for the right control, and a different tune for the wrong control - so its useful to be able to hear your phone as you run the course. 

If you get lost doing a course - it is possible to ask the app for a 'hint' where the direction and distance to the next control will be shown along with a virtual compass.  (Asking the app for help will also show up in your results - so beware if you are trying to get that speedy clean time logged in competition with others!)

When you get to the end of a course it will play a small fanfare noise - fun and very satisfactory when you have completed your run.

TOP TIP: You only get the fanfare (and automatic timer stop) if you have visited all the controls, if you don't visit all of the controls you will need to click 'finish running' even if you have 'passed' the finish. Otherwise your time just keeps accumulating. 

TOP TIP: On a score course it is important that you do not run to the finish control until you are ready (as you may accidentally stop your timer before you have completed your course).  We have tried to place the finish controls away from the direction of travel out of the start for each course to avoid this.

After your run you will get a full breakdown of your time and splits in the app.

You can also export your run for sharing on platforms like Attackpoint and Strava.


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