BOK is looking for the following event officials for 2020:

Officials needed

Date of event




Sunday 5th April

Regional event

Black Down, Mendips

Organiser, Planner, Controller

Sunday 3rd May

Local event


Planner, Controller

Sunday 17th May

Local event

Clevedon Court, Clevedon

Organiser, Planner, Controller

Sunday 28th June

Local event  Adams Avery relays

Oldbury Court/Frome Gorge


If you are able to help BOK put on these events, please contact me at or through the BOK Facebook page.

Thanks in advance.


Charles Daniel, Jan 14 2020 - 12:10pm
Not sure who put this on but we do have an organiser for Blackdown, a Planner and Controller for Yoxter (we need an Organiser), a Planner for Clevedon Court (we need a Controller) and we have an Organiser/ Planner for Oldbury Court.
But fear not, plenty of opportunity to test your skills in the Summer Urban and Autumn forest races