Start Team

TOTAL START Kit List – where it is and when to get it  

The Start Team Leader is responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate kit for the start.  They may ask the Organiser to collect kit for them from the BOK kit store.  In the absence of other arrangements, the Start Team Leader is responsible for collecting the kit.


1. From the BOK Kit Store held by Rachel Leathwood, Long Ashton:

(Rachel to be consulted well before event)


  • Map boxes – one for each course + one spare
  • Start Banner (Sail type preferably)
  • Finish Banner (Sail type preferably)
  • Stakes – 6 for Start and more if needed for route signing to Start.
  • Signage 'To Start' from Assembly
  • Marker pen



  • START Basic Kit BOX containing:
  • Red / white tape - sufficient to mark out the Start Grid
  • Pegs for Start Grid – plastic and metal
  • 2 Mallets
  • Red / white tape - streamers for signing the route to Start 
  • -4, -3, -2,-1 signs for the Start Grid
  • Colour coded course signs for Start Grid



2. Start Team Leader to collect from Download (after synchronising) in the morning before the event starts :

 (Start team leader and SI Squad leader to liaise well before event)


  • 2 Clear boxes on stakes
  • 2 Check boxes
  • KiST Start clock
  • KiST Pre-Start clock, set for 4 minute call up


The planner is normally responsible for placing the start and finish boxes.  The Start Team Leader should confirm that they are doing this.



3.  Planner or organiser will provide in the morning before the event starts :

(Organiser /Planner to liaise well before event)

  • Maps
  • Blank maps for Start Lanes
  • Control Descriptions
  • Course Information eg course numbers/ colour coding, age classes,  lengths, climbs, number of controls


Note: organiser and planner should liaise on who provides and plants the Start flag well before the event.