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  • Posted on Thu 14 July 2011

    All organisers, planners and controllers are invited to attend an orienteering Event Safety Workshop in Bristol. Attendance at the Workshop is aimed primarily at Level A, B and C  event organisers, but any level event organisers and all controllers and planners are more than welcome too. Event safety is ultimately the result of the combined efforts of the organiser and planner and controller...

  • Dorset Coast Path Relay
    Posted on Thu 7 July 2011

    Tim Britton writes:

    "Please can I have a show of hands of who's keen to run for BOK in this year's Dorset Coast Path Relay on Saturday 3rd September?

    Last year I hoped that a small but fast team would challenge Wessex's dominance. We managed it, for a while, but the sheer number of runners that WSX can put out meant that they got away from us....

  • Posted on Fri 1 July 2011

    Items of interest from the committee meeting on 12th May 2011.

  • Adams Avery Relay
    Posted on Fri 1 July 2011

    The final details for the Adams Avery and ASO Relays on Sunday 3rd July.

  • Posted on Mon 27 June 2011

    This week's summer informal is at Leigh Woods. Registration and the start/finish is on North Road (ST559730) at the entrance of this road into Leigh Woods. We will be using SI, so please can people bring their dibbers. Dibbers will also be available to hire for £1 (free for children). Jim Hayward will be on hand to provide training. Starts will be from 6pm - 7pm.